Patrick Robotham

Patrick is a final year undergraduate Maths student at Melbourne University. He is planning to do his Masters degree and Phd in either Maths/Computer Science. He is an active Member of the Melbourne University Secular society, the Mathematics society, and Reading group in computational complexity theory.

Patrick has been a passionate video blogger since high school when he started addressing the irrational basis of fundamentalist theology and then quickly branched into logic and atheism as alternative mindsets. He has a love of public speaking and presenting on topics that debunk fallacious thinking and promote a rationalist view of the world.

Patrick has been an avid follower of the rationalist community blog “less wrong” and initiated their monthly melbourne meet-ups. He has been working on projects relating to Maths such as a graph library and a theorem prover in common lisp and has recently presented on topics such as interactive proofs.

First Singularity Salon a Success

Singularity SalonHad a generalised meeting entitled ‘Singularity Salon‘ on a few things futurist at Prudence bar in North Melbourne… A good turnout, had a round table discussion for about 5 hours and in the spirit of St Patrick made plenty of noise.
We spoke about a range of subjects including the Japan nuclear disaster, CEV (Coherent Extrapolated Volition), reflected equilibrium, what the metaphor of the Technological Singularity means (can’t see past the Event Horizon of a black hole) – a definition of what the Singularity is and what it isn’t:
– it isn’t the accelerating returns or technological development that may lead into a Singularity, it isn’t an infinite growth after a Singularity upwards ad infinitum, it isn’t referring to a black hole
– it is more like that IJ Good defined as an Intelligence Explosion, a closing of a feedback loop in which an intelligence intelligently and insightfully optimizes its own intelligence, lather rinse repeat…
We also spoke about a word made up on the spot: ‘enflourishment’, and what that word could mean. Actually found out later that the word really does exist.
Also spoke about the up and coming Humanity Plus summit in Melbourne (first one in Australasia), and the 2nd Singularity Summit AU (also in Melbourne).
Lastly we spoke on the dynamics and biases of conspiracy oriented thinking, floating ideas, some common behaviors associated with orgs like Ralien UFO cults. Also future less wrong meetings in Melbourne.

singularity salonThanks to all those who came along.
We are planning to have more Singularity Salons in the coming months.