Abstract – “LOGICS” – By Colin Kline

A link to the paper can be found here.

This presentation aims to be a super-condensed summarial survey of :
Boolean Logic, Fuzzy Logic, Probability Logic, Pascalian Logic, Deduction, Induction, Hypothesis selection.

It will be assumed most of the audience will have undertaken secondary schooling to at least Y12 level, and that some may have had tertiary schooling, including a little of: psychology, science, maths, physics, statistics. Or instead, be well read citizens.

In any of these cases, the audience will at least know the word, “Logic”, and hopefully have met Boolean Logic (using Yes / No, True / False), together with varieties of the 3part Syllogism, and those contradictions that are to be avoided.

But how many of this audience knows that there exist many other kinds of logic, each of them with their respective merits, each of them applicable (or not applicable) in various kinds of situations ?

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The Summit will be held on June the 25th, 26th 2011.
The agenda is also available in this google calendar. Here’s the public XML link, the iCAL link, and the HTML link.


*This will most likely change slightly, though the days will stay the same. Registrants will be emailed closer to the  conference dates.

Saturday 25 June 2011

8.30 am Welcome Registration and Introduction
9.00 Presentation: Slade BeardArchitecting the Future” (Complex Systems)
10.00 Presentation: Tony Smith“The Plurality: Why everything is all over the place”
11.00 Break
11.15 Panel: Chaos, Emergence, Black Swans and the Future
12.00 Presentation: TentativeAdam A. FordSingularity 101
1.00 Break: Lunch, networking
2.00 Presentation: Meredith Doig“Rationalism, Transhumanism & the Singularity”
3.00 Panel: Rationality, long term thinking and technological change
3.45 Break
4.00 Presentation: Colin Kline“Logics”
5.00 Presentation: Hugo de Garis“Topological Quantum Computing – Much More than Moore’s Law”
6.00 Break: Dinner – US Singularity Summit 2010 Video
7.00 Presentation: Binh Nguyen“Evolutionary AI”
8.00 Presentation: Patrick Robotham“Universal AI, AIXI the Markus Hutter approach”
9.00 Panel: Transhumanism and You
9.30 Stumble to the pub

Sunday 26 June 2011

8.45 am Welcome and Introduction
9.00 Presentation: Lev Lafayette“More Human Than Human: The Computation of Moral Reasoning”
10.00 Presentation: Avatar Polymorph“The ethics of boosting animals from sentience to self-aware consciousness”
11.00 Break
11.15 Panel: Augmentation, Transhumanism, and Morality
12.00 Presentation: Hugo de Garis“Nanotechnology,Femtotechnology & Really small stuff – Plenty of room at the bottom”
1.00 Break: Lunch & Video & or Networking
2.00 Presentation: Jeremy Nagel“Open Source Biotech – The opportunities and the perils!”
3.00 Presentation: Jon Oxer “The Maker Revolution – At home manufacturing”
4.00 Break
4.15 Panel: At home with technology
5.00 Presentation: Andy Gelme“Internet of Things – What happens where everything is online?”
6.00 Presentation: Greg Adamson“Technology and social control”Norbert Weiner
7.00 Break: Dinner – US Singularity Summit 2010 Video
8.00 Presentation: Sean McMullen“Doing It Now”
9.00 Panel: Doing it Now
9.30 Stumble to the pub

(Note: Meals/Drinks not included in registration fee, though some complimentary snacks will materialize)


It will be a fantastic opportunity for networking with people who are not ignoring the importance of technological growth, and who are aware of trends of technology moving into almost every endeavor, the impact this has on industry direction/headroom, and the mechanics of which society floats – not to mention the advantages that strategic vision can give.

We hope to see you at the Humanity+ Summit @Melbourne. If this is of interest, please consider registering now as seats are limited – feel free to contact us with any questions you have.