The Hedonistic Imperative & A Cosmist Manifesto

Ben Goertzel chimes in on the Hedonistic Imperative – he also discusses A Cosmist Manifesto

It would be great to see David Pearce and Ben Goertzel on a panel about reducing suffering and making the world happy and flourishing place.

David Pearce as commented on this video on Facebook.

The Hedonistic Imperative:
A Cosmist Manifesto:

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H+ Conference 2010 Video Feed in Melbourne

We are working to organise a feed of the ‘Rise of the Citizen-Scientist’ conference in Melbourne – The conference in America will be held on June 12-13, at Harvard University. and we are looking at hosting an event in Melbourne to as well.

Please register your interest here (or the ‘H+ Conference’ link up top).

About: The H+ Summit @ Harvard is an educational, and scientific outreach event, that covers the themes of the impact of technology on the human condition. It is hosted, and organized by the Harvard College Future Society, in cooperation with Humanity+.

Speakers include Ray Kurzweil, Stephen Wolfram, Aubrey De Gray and many more.