Abstract – What makes a good AI project? – Binh Nguyen

There are many AI projects going on all over the world. Which ones should we pay attention to? It depends on what we’re looking for. In my case, I’m looking for AI projects that have the potential for open-ended adaptation, as well as human-like behaviour and knowledge.

I believe that the world should not have to be the way that it is and that we have to do better. I envision a world where robots can do the jobs that people should not have to do, that are ready to provide a helping hand, and that are able to work in areas we often dare not even consider.

In this regard, I look for AI projects that have non-narrow, evolutionary and human-like embodiment characteristics. I will discuss these characteristics and how they relate to well known projects such as Blue Brain, China Brain, OpenCog, Cyc, and NELL, as well as my own work.

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  1. Some projects to consider:

    Funk2 Project
    Funk2 is a free, open, programming language designed for causal reflective tracing and monitoring of complex control systems.

    This project is developed by the Reflective Commonsense Thinking group at the MIT Media Lab.

    The Funk2 project is currently supported as a core research effort of the Mind Machine Project.

    The goal of the programming language Funk2 is to enable reflective algorithmic tracing for large heterogenous control systems. A few points emphasized in the Funk2 programming language are:

    Layered Critical Causal Reflection
    Efficient and Robust Control
    Learning by Credit Assignment
    Divergent Solution Paths
    Intricate Thread Control
    Goal-oriented Learning

    Also see a video at: Automenta: Building Funk2

    3D Evolutionary Artificial Life Simulator w/ Physics, Spiking Neural Networks, and Vision




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