Abstract – Nanotech and Femtotech, there’s lots of room at the bottom – Hugo de Garis

Prof. Dr. Hugo de Garis
Abstract – Nanotech and Femtotech

Everyone has heard of nanotech. Nano means a billionth. Nanotech is short for nanometer scale technology, i.e. molecular scale engineering, or mechanical chemistry, where molecular sized robots could pick up a single atom and put it anywhere to build molecular machines, e.g. nanosized computers that could be programmed to detect viruses or cancer cells and kill them, hence ridding humanity of disease, or to repair aging cells, hence creating immortality. Progress is being made monthly in nanotech. This leads to the question, “what’s next?” Nature provides no substance at the picometer scale, so the next step must be femtotech (i.e. femtometer scale technology). A femtometer is a million times smaller than a nanometer, i.e. the scale of quarks and nuclei. I am now researching the possibility of using elementary particle physics, nuclear physics, topological quantum field theory, etc to try to find phenomena in physics that might serve as the basis for a femtotech, which if successful would outperform nanotech by a factor or a trillion trillion. Artilects (artificial intellects, i.e. massively intelligent machines) based on femtotech would be truly godlike, making the notion of a universe designing and building deity much more scientifically respectable.

See my article “Fermitech : Searching for Phenomena in Physics That May Serve as Bases for a Femtometer Scale Technology”


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  1. DeGaris, 26 june 2011

    Perhaps, you need too at least finish, what you set out to do.

    Jumping from one thing (unfinished projects), too another,
    is doing your credibility a disservice. Let alone another theory / concept / speculation.


    I understand you’ve retired, so, why not enable someone or a Company
    to pick-up the baton (robotkitten), or look up, your old buddy at Genobyte.

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