The Summit will be held on June the 25th, 26th 2011.
The agenda is also available in this google calendar. Here’s the public XML link, the iCAL link, and the HTML link.


*This will most likely change slightly, though the days will stay the same. Registrants will be emailed closer to the  conference dates.

Saturday 25 June 2011

8.30 am Welcome Registration and Introduction
9.00 Presentation: Slade BeardArchitecting the Future” (Complex Systems)
10.00 Presentation: Tony Smith“The Plurality: Why everything is all over the place”
11.00 Break
11.15 Panel: Chaos, Emergence, Black Swans and the Future
12.00 Presentation: TentativeAdam A. FordSingularity 101
1.00 Break: Lunch, networking
2.00 Presentation: Meredith Doig“Rationalism, Transhumanism & the Singularity”
3.00 Panel: Rationality, long term thinking and technological change
3.45 Break
4.00 Presentation: Colin Kline“Logics”
5.00 Presentation: Hugo de Garis“Topological Quantum Computing – Much More than Moore’s Law”
6.00 Break: Dinner – US Singularity Summit 2010 Video
7.00 Presentation: Binh Nguyen“Evolutionary AI”
8.00 Presentation: Patrick Robotham“Universal AI, AIXI the Markus Hutter approach”
9.00 Panel: Transhumanism and You
9.30 Stumble to the pub

Sunday 26 June 2011

8.45 am Welcome and Introduction
9.00 Presentation: Lev Lafayette“More Human Than Human: The Computation of Moral Reasoning”
10.00 Presentation: Avatar Polymorph“The ethics of boosting animals from sentience to self-aware consciousness”
11.00 Break
11.15 Panel: Augmentation, Transhumanism, and Morality
12.00 Presentation: Hugo de Garis“Nanotechnology,Femtotechnology & Really small stuff – Plenty of room at the bottom”
1.00 Break: Lunch & Video & or Networking
2.00 Presentation: Jeremy Nagel“Open Source Biotech – The opportunities and the perils!”
3.00 Presentation: Jon Oxer “The Maker Revolution – At home manufacturing”
4.00 Break
4.15 Panel: At home with technology
5.00 Presentation: Andy Gelme“Internet of Things – What happens where everything is online?”
6.00 Presentation: Greg Adamson“Technology and social control”Norbert Weiner
7.00 Break: Dinner – US Singularity Summit 2010 Video
8.00 Presentation: Sean McMullen“Doing It Now”
9.00 Panel: Doing it Now
9.30 Stumble to the pub

(Note: Meals/Drinks not included in registration fee, though some complimentary snacks will materialize)


It will be a fantastic opportunity for networking with people who are not ignoring the importance of technological growth, and who are aware of trends of technology moving into almost every endeavor, the impact this has on industry direction/headroom, and the mechanics of which society floats – not to mention the advantages that strategic vision can give.

We hope to see you at the Humanity+ Summit @Melbourne. If this is of interest, please consider registering now as seats are limited – feel free to contact us with any questions you have.

2 Replies to “Program”

  1. Constructive suggestions, based on mistakes made at the last local Singularity Summit:

    – Explicitly schedule a 5-10 min break between every presentation or panel. Presenters won’t run on time; you need contingency for tech failures; attendees will want the opportunity for bathroom breaks and to top up on drinks and snacks; best to have the inevitable movement of people in and out of the room not coincide with delivery of the content.

    – Four presentations/panels in a row without a break goes beyond optimistic and ventures into foolish territory, sorry. Your audience can’t sit still that long and there will be disruptions and people make a dash for bathroom breaks. When your days are 12 hours long breaks become more important, not less. Cramming together multiple programming items in a row in an already too-long day is a clue that you are trying to do too much. This was overwhelming in the last local Singularity Summit!

    – At a first glance it looks like you need to cut at least one programming item from each day and maybe two. If you have so many ideas you’re keen to see presented – great! Run this every 6 months!

    – Be strict and ruthless about time management. Give all presenters very visible warnings for “10 minutes left”, “5 minutes left” and “1 minute left”. When their time is up, stand up, cut them off and get them off the stage.

    – Make an easily readable clock or other timekeeper visible to all presenters. It is often more helpful to have this be a countdown of remaining time (which is what they really care about) rather than displaying the actual time.

    – Ensure bathroom facilities are available and open for all hours of the event! What time do buildings get locked? Unlocked?

    – I’m not sure you get to say both that there won’t be food and that attendees can’t bring their own food. 🙂

    – Lastly, said with good faith and zero snark – get professional input. You need someone who knows something about running events involved. The last local Singularity Summit could have been ten times better if the above issues had been identified and dealt with in advance. Something this size needs professional event management experience.

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